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Review: Cracking the Codes

Critical Architect Review: Cracking the Codes – An Architect’s Guide to Building Regulations Author: Barry D. Yatt | ISBN 0-471-16967-6 | Wiley & Sons – 1998 | NCARB Monograph Series Publishers Description (From NCARB website) Although building codes and standards are often seen as obstacles to design excellence, NCARB’s newly published monograph, Cracking the Codes, […]

Meet the New City – Same as the Old City

“The City 2.0” TEDprize.org has announced that the winner of the 2012 Ted Prize is, “The City 2.0” TED, which is an acronym for “Technology, Entertainment, Design” was established in 1984 as a think tank to bring together these three industries. Each year, a $100,000 award is given by the group to one individual who […]

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The Lilypad City – A Big Floater

Lilypad City – Floating Ecopolis The “Floating Ecopolis for Climate Refugees” (aka the Lilypad City) by French Architect, Vincent Callebaut was a concept design proposed in 2008 to deal with the effects of Global Warming as the polar ice caps melt and oceans rise; displacing land fairing inhabitants along the coasts. Callebaut asserts that the […]

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CCTV Tower – Beijing China

The headquarters for the State controlled Central Television (CCTV) is due to be officially completed early next year although parts of the facility are already open. The geometric design was created by Pritzker Prize (2000) winning Dutch Architect; and Harvard graduate and Professor; Remment Lucas Koolhaas along with Architect Ole Scheeren. It appears that the […]

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A Federal Nightmare

Deciding on a project to become the first critical review in the “Constructed” category for this website took no more than about 3 seconds. It is a project that I have wanted to write about since its very inception. It is the San Francisco Federal Building, by renowned Architect Thomas Mayne (Morphosis Architecture). The Public […]

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In the Clouds

The Dutch Architectural Firm MVRDV, has created an extremely offensive and shall I say, idiotic and ugly, design for a Developer in South Korea. The design was created for the Yongsan Business District and according to the designers, it’s “Cloud-like” concept was designed based on parameters such as sunlight, outside spaces, living quality for inhabitants […]

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